When it was first made...

Britain in the 19th century: The nobles and citizens, brimming over with inventiveness and curiosity are said to have created a boom in puzzles. A great variety of puzzles came into existence during this period. Among those puzzles, we have attempted to bring back to life the "Cast Metal Puzzle."  To create the puzzles, zinc alloy is melted and poured into a metal mold. Upon its completion after precise finishing the puzzles are named the "Cast Puzzle" series due to its manufacturing process name; the die cast method.

The Allure of the Cast Puzzle...

The Cast puzzles have both a challenge and a difficult level element that wire puzzles (puzzles made with wire), generally known as "disentanglement puzzles", don't have.  People who try them experience refreshing stimulation as no force is necessary and this arouses their interest in solving them.

The Cast Puzzles offer an unlimited amount of mystery. Its collectibility is also one of its appeals. Once you solve one, you will no doubt want to challenge yourself by solving more.

Again, there are no answers in the set, as we want you to solve the puzzles on your own and experience real fulfillment.

From the entire development team

The NOW Cast Puzzle...

This latest range of Cast Puzzles from Hanayama Toy Co, Japan, was chosen not only because of the attention to details in manufacturing but also because of the acknowledgment and credits Hanayama have given to the inventors of these ingenious puzzles.  These are original puzzles made with the permission of the inventors, not unauthorized copies. Original   Cast   Puzzles provide only one solution while the imitations have many solutions , which make the puzzles not worth playing.

Most of the Cast Puzzles are developed by Nob Yoshigahara , one of the best-celebrated puzzles inventors the world has ever seen. Hanayama's metal puzzles are mostly classic "tanglement" affairs, where you attempt to separate the component pieces (and hopefully reassemble them). These puzzles are a lot more beautiful than a Rubik's cube, and once they're solved, they can also be transformed gracefully to paperweights, conversation pieces, and something to just fiddle around unconsciously. The puzzles are divided into six levels of difficulties. People who try them will experience refreshing stimulation as no force is necessary and this will arouse their interest in trying to solve them. The Cast Puzzles offer an unlimited source of mystery. It has a highly collectible  appeal . Once you solve one, you will no doubt want to challenge yourself by solving more.


Nob Yoshigahara

Nob is a celebrated inventor, collector and popularizer of puzzles, one of the best the world has ever seen.

He has written some 70 books on puzzles, has monthly columns in several popular magazines including Quark, and has participated in international puzzle parties all over the world.

You will find his best work contained in Rush Hour and in the diabolical elegance of the puzzle play in each of the forty challenge cards." For Binary Arts (AKA Thinkfun), Nob invented or helped with Shape by Shape, Hoppers, FlipIt, and Lunar Lockout.  Each of the puzzles was analyzed by his crack team of puzzle geniuses, the NoBrainers.

Nob developed many puzzles for Hamayana Toys. 
Cast Puzzle s is the best series of puzzles in the world, highly recommended. 

Nob is also the creator of Rush Hour®, Shape by Shape®, Lunar Lockout™ and FlipIt™, as well as many puzzles which are sold exclusively in Japan

Serhiy Grabarchuk

I was always fascinated with puzzles which have just a few pieces to play with. Assembling and disassembling puzzles with only two, three, or four pieces, sliding block puzzles and matching card puzzles which use small, 3x3 boards, and similar puzzles make excellent challenges, and they are my all-time favorites.

So that is the main reason why my first puzzle proposed for Hanayama's famous and unique Cast Puzzle series consists of only three light rings which
should be interweaved to get a nice, ornamental pattern. I hope that the Cast Coaster puzzle will be interesting and enjoyable. Happy Puzzling!

Serhiy Grabarchuk
March 2, 2006

Oskar van Deventer

Oskar van Deventer is an extraordinary puzzle inventor. Nearly all of his puzzles are completely formulated in his head before he commits then to paper. Though he sometimes makes prototypes from cardboard, most of his puzzles are made for the first time by other craftsmen from his detailed drawings. With puzzles like the Cuby and Chain, it is amazing that these puzzles seldom require modification.

Cast Puzzle created: Oskar Key, Disk, Key Ring, O'gear, Chain, L'Oeuf

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